Wildcats Bounce Back From A 2 game Losing Streak

After losing our last 2 games the Wildcats had a tremendous showing against Riverside Tuesday night at Wildcat Stadium. East was in control from the opening faceoff. There were plenty of players that had there names recorded in the box score. The 1st quarter had 5 different people hit the back of the next. Junior Midfielder Chris Cox led the quarter scoring 4 goals, while Senior Attackman Drew Monroe had 1 goal, Senior LSM Ellis Llewellen had 1 goal, Junior Attackman Jordan Greeno had 1 goal and Senior Ian Hopkins had 1 goal ending the quarter with a score of 8-1 East. The 2nd quarter was much of the same with Senior Attackman Drew Monroe adding another goal, Junior Midfielder Tyler Westerhoff scoring 1 goal, Junior Midfielder Chris Cox scoring 1 goal and Senior LSM Ellis Llewellen scoring 1 goal going in to halftime with a score of 12-2 East. The 3rd quarter opened with Senior Midfielder Conor McVeigh scoring 1 goal, Freshman Attackman Taylor Greeno scoring 1 goal (his 1st goal as a varsity player) Congrats Taylor, Junior Midfielder Chris Cox scoring 1 goal, Senior Midfielder Steele Lloyd scoring 1 goal and Junior Attackman Jordan Greeno scoring the final goal of the 3rd quarter making the score 17-3 East. Riverside found the back of the net in the 4th quarter scoring 4 goals but East had Senior LSM Ellis Llewellen scoring 1 goal and Senior Midfielder Ian Hopkins scoring 1 goal to end the East scoring. The game ended with a final score of 19-7 East. It was a great showing for our kids. They moved the ball very well and shot for the pipes. Well done Wildcats, let’s keep that momentum going for the rest of the season. Game Contributors:

Junior Chris Cox-6 goals 2 assists and 4 groundballs, Senior Drew Monroe- 2 goals 3 assists and 2 groundballs, Senior Steele Lloyd- 1 goal 4 assists and 4 groundballs, Senior Ellis Llewellen- 3 goals 1 assist and 7 groundballs, Senior Ian Hopkins- 2 goals 1 assist and 3 groundballs, Junior Jordan Greeno 2 goals 1 assist and 2 groundbals, Senior Conor McVeigh 1 goal and 1 groundball, Junior Tyler Westerhoff 1 goal and 2 groundballs, Junior Porter Alexander 1 assist and 1 groundball and Freshman Taylor Greeno 1 goal and 1 roundball.

Junior Goalie Vance Perkins Had 10 saves on 17 shots (60%). Great job Vance, way to see the ball.

Next Game:
Friday April 17, 2015 @ Roxboro Community 6:30pm