A Disappointing Loss To Carrboro

In a game where nothing seemed to go right for our Wildcats, the Carrboro Jaguars took an early lead with a couple of goals from Andrew Montross. Junior Midfielder Chris Cox put the Wildcats on the board With 2 goals in the first quarter ending the 1st with a score of 2-4 Jaguars. The second quarter went pretty much the same way with the Jaguars scoring twice and Junior Midfielder Chris Cox scoring 1 goal, putting the score at 3-6 Jaguars at halftime. The 3rd quarter was a hard fought one for both sides with the Jaguars scoring the only goal in that quarter, ending the 3rd with a score of 3-7 Jaguars. East finally woke up a little and got there groove on with Senior Attackman Drew Monroe scoring 2 goals and Junior Midfielder Chris Cox scoring the final goal of the game. There just wasn’t enugh time left on the clock for our Wildcats to score another goal, so the game ended with a score of 6-7 Jaguars. Game Contributors:

Junior Chris Cox- 4 goals and 5 groundballs, Senior Drew Monroe- 2 goals 2 assists, Senior Ellis Llewellen 1 assist and 9 groundballs. Senior Rourke Therrien had 4 groundballs. Junior Vance Perkins recorded 4 saves on 11 shots

Next Game:
Tuesday April 14th at 6:30 against Riverside at Wildcat Stadium. Come join us!!!!!!!!!