Winter Break Workouts

This coming week is intended to be an active rest week. Enjoy down time with your family, but remember active rest doesn’t mean do nothing. Hard to believe we’ve completed six weeks of pre-season workouts. For those of you who come regularly know that your hard work will payoff this spring. 

I’ve included a link to this week’s workouts (Week Seven) for your convenience.

Pre-Season Workout Program

Remember, we’ll be performing fitness tests beginning on February 13th as part of our team try-outs. All athletes are expected to begin tryouts demonstrating a minimum level of fitness. The following should be used as a guide for determining the level of fitness and athletes should be working towards achieving these goals prior to the tryout:  




Junior Varsity 


40 Yard Sprint  

< 4.8 sec 

4.8-5.3 sec 

5.4-5.7 sec 

> 5.7 sec 

400M Sprint 

<63 sec 

63-65 sec 

66-70 sec 

>70 sec 

1.5 Mile Run  

< 9.40 min 

9.41-10.20 min 

10.21-11.59 min 

> 12 min 

20 Yard Pro Shuttle 

< 4.4 sec 

4.4-4.5 sec 

4.6-4.8 sec 

> 4.8 sec 

Push Ups 

> 50/min 



< 30/min 

Sit Ups  

> 56/min 



< 43/min 

Pull Ups

> 14 



< 4