Heavy Rain Calls The Game Early At Northern With THe Wildcats Being Victorious

In an attempt to get our last conference game in Northern moved the start time of this game to 4:45. It really did not matter though, the rain still came but decided to come a little earlier than expected. The game was called in the 3rd quarter giving East not only the conference win but the conference championship as well. The 1st quarter started quickly for the Wildcats ending with a score of 4-0 East. The 2nd quarter was a good one for East as well scoring 3 more goal and only allowing 1, going into halftime with a score of 7-1 East. The 3rd quarter started as well as the lightning and thunder and for the safety of the players the game was called giving East the victory with a final score of 7-1.

Game Contributors:

Chris Cox- 3 goals 1 assist and 1 groundball, Drew Monroe-2 goals 1 assst and 4 groundballs, Steel Lloyd- 1 assist, David Waugh- 1 goal and 1 groundball, Taylor Greeno- 1 goal, Conor Mcveigh- 1 assist and 1 groundball, Ian Hopkins- 1 groundball, Jordan Greeno- 2 groundballs, Rourke Therrien- 1 groundball, Grant Booterbaugh- 1 groundball, Owen Bonertz- 1 groundball, Jahdi’el Arrington- 1 groundball, Simon Perkins- 2 ground balls


Vance Perkins- 3 saves on 4 shots (75%)

Next Game:

Friday May 8th

2nd Round PLayoffs (1st round Bye)

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